Hibernate ORM

Published on June 4, 2021


Esther Gifted

Freelance Writer| Editor| Proofreader| Author | Digital Publisher| Business Productivity Coach

Let’s take a little dive into technology.

In 2001, Gavin King with colleagues from Cirrus Technologies started Hibernate. By 2013, the team began Hibernate2 releases. Hibernate 3.0 was discharged…

By Esther Gifted www.linkedin/in/esthergifted

Most salespeople, unfortunately, are scared of failure when it comes to selling.

They eliminate the risk of the customer saying no by not asking for the offer.

Other salespeople are worried that they will come off as pushy and annoy the prospect.

The vast majority of salespeople, in my experience…

Esther Gifted

I am an Author, Writer, Ghostwriter and Editor.

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